Chief Urologist ,SCUG ,MBBS

Dr.S.K.Nandakishore is a familiar Urologist in Bangalore, he is associated with Columbia Asia Hospital. He is an expert in performing procedures Endo-urology, Laparoscopy, Andrology, Reconstructive urology and more. Dr.S.K. Nandakishore has good clinical experience of over 10 years with multiple hospitals- PVS Hospital, MIMS Hospital, Mpuh Nadiad, St John's Medical college and Hadassah university in Kolkata.

  • Speciality
    • Endo-urology
    • Laparoscopy
    • Andrology
    • Reconstructive urology
  • Education
    • MBBS
    • MS (General Surgery)
    • DNB (Urology)
    • FELLOWSHIP (Endourology, Laparoscopic and Robotic urology)
  • Experience
    • 25 years of Experience in Medicine
  • Career Interest
    • Endo urology / Robotic Urology
    • Andrology
    • Reconstructive urology
  • Address
    • 26/4, Brigade Gateway, Beside Metro, Malleswaram West, Bangalore - 560 055
  • Phone
    • 080 – 28560746
  • Email
    • nkgudigar@gmail.com
    • nkgudigar@rediffmail.com
    • kishoreshapur@gmail.com
  • Clinical Experience
    • MBBS - 1991 - 1996 - Govt. Medical College, Mysore, Mysore University, Karnataka, India.
    • Internship - 1996 - 1997 - K.R and Combined Hospitals, Mysore, Karnataka, India.
    • Tutor, Dept. Of Pathology – 1997 - 1998 - Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Tamaka, Kolar, Karnataka, India
    • MS (General Surgery) -1997 - 2001 - Govt. Medical College, Bangalore, Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka, India.
    • Senior Resident, 2001 – 2002, Dept. Of Urology, St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
    • Senior Resident, Jan2003 – Jun 2003, Dept. Of Urology, Malabar institute of medical sciences, Calicut, Kerala, India.
    • Research post in Urology – Jun 2003 – Dec 2003, Muljibhai Patel urological hospital, Nadiad, Gujarat, India.
    • Residency in Urology – Jan 2004 – May 2007, Muljibhai Patel urological hospital, Nadiad, Gujarat, India.
    • Junior consultant urologist at  Malabar institute of medical sciences, Calicut, Kerala, India - June 2007 to June 2007.
    • Junior consultant urologist at  PVS Hospital, Calicut, Kerala, India (Feb 2009 – Jun 2009).
    • Fellow in Endourology and Laparoscopic Urology in Hadassah Hebrew university medical school, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Israel (Since July 2009)
    • Consultant Urologist at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Bangalore ( Since July 2011)
    • MEMBER OF INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION- KAR/11096/114/180/171724/2012-13/CL
  • Surgical Experience
    Last 5 years - practice is mainly being Endourology ( RIRS, PCNL, Bipolar TURP, Laparoscopic procedures of nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, radical prostatectomy, Urethroplasty, andrology procedures)

    Exposure in Uro Oncology

    • Clinical case detection, counseling activities of cancer management, coordination with psycho social department and stoma clinic therapist.
    • Well versed with Ultra sonography of KUB & USG guided Interventions
    • Well versed with TRUS of prostate with biopsies
    • Assisted as well as performed various Open radical surgeries like radical nephrectomies, partial nephrectomies, radical cystectomy, ileal conduit, neo bladder constructions, penile cancer surgery, iliac lymph node dissections, and testicular cancer surgery with retroperitoneal lymph node dissection.
    • Assisted as well as performed various laparoscopic procedures like radical nephrectomies, partial nephrectomies, radical adrenalectomy, Lap assisted radical cystectomy and ileal neobladder creation, partial cystectomy, RPLND.
    • Assisted as well as performed retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomies
    • Assisted as well as performed radical prostatectomies with robotic radical prostatectomy and has been exposed for utilization of robot for nephrectomy, adrenalectomy, and partial nephrectomy.
    • Exposed to cryoablation of renal tumors ultrasound guided and laparoscopic assisted.
    • Coordination with chemotherapy and radiation units with IMRT and Brachy therapy.
    • Endourological management of TCC with laser ablation and enucleation of upper urinary tract tumors.
    • Handling with local and systemic chemotherapy, immunotherapy regimens and treatment.

    Exposure in reconstructive urology

    • Artificial sphincter insertion
    • Male advance slings for post prostatectomy incontinence
    • Penile implantation for post prostatectomy impotence
    • Pyeloplasties – open as well laparoscopic
    • Pediatric work – ureteral reimplantation,
    • Andrology – Vasectomy reversal, vaso-epididymal or vaso – vasal anastomosis
    • Urethroplasties – Buccal mucosal graft harvesting and plastic repair.
    • Female urology – TVT, TOT, Prolift (Gynae care) surgery for vaginal prolapse

    Exposure in Andrology

    • Evaluation and management of erectile function and dysfunction.
    • Male infertility risk assessment.
    • Male infertility genetics.
    • Screening and diagnostic radiographic and ultrasound techniques.
    • Natural history and pathology of erectile dysfunction and male infertility.
    • Selection of local therapy, contraindications and expected outcomes in treatment of erectile dysfunction.
    • Selection of local therapy, contraindications for treatment of testicular failure and infertility.
    • Consequences of systemic treatments on erectile function and testicular function.
    • Effect of systemic chemotherapy and endocrine therapy on reproductive health and sexual health.
    • Preoperative workup and postoperative management of surgical patients with sexual dysfunction.
    • Preoperative workup and postoperative management of postsurgery testicular biopsy imaging techniques.
    • Psychosocial and legal aspects of erectile dysfunction and reproductive health.


    • Doppler ultrasound of penile arteries.
    • Dynamic infusion cavernosography and cavernosometry.
    • Penile Implantation.
    • Ultrasound and MR imaging of testicular and vasal abnormalities.
    • Biopsy techniques of testis.
    • Percutaneous and open sperm retrieval techniques.
    • Management of varicocele techniques.
    • Microscopic interpretation of testicular pathology.
    • Microsurgical correction of anomalies.

    Exposure in General Urology

    • Uroradiological procedures
    • Urodynamic studies – neuro urology patients management
    • Well versed with Ultrasonography of KUB & USG guided Interventions
    • Evaluation and counseling of patient regarding the benign etiologies like prostate hypertrophies, bladder tumours which require expectant management or transurethral surgeries with electrocautery and laser prostatectomies.

    Exposure in Endourology

    • Counseling regarding education, prevention and management of urolithiasis and has extensive research of etiology of stone formation, stone analysis , metabolic work up for these patients with stone formation ESWL with all complex machines like HM3, Compact Delta and Dornier Gemini (Endourology Suite).
    • Handling and maintenance of all flexible cystoscopes, ureteroscope with procedural intervention for urinary stones and urological tumours.
    • Percutaneous surgeries on kidney and bladders for stone as well on upper tract tumours .
    • Handling and procedural interventions with semi rigid ureteroscope for handling stones and tomours

    Exposure in renal transplantation

    • Open as well laparoscopic donor nephrectomy
    • Arterio venous fistula creation
    • Transplant kidney ultrasound and Doppler studies with monitoring
    • Follow up with counseling of transplanted patients.

    Exposure to Basic science and research

    • Participated in various drug trials and research
    • Basic science research in biofilm prevention on urinary catheters
    • Animal lab experiments pertaining to rats with a licence to work with animals
    • Has got experienced with dry & wet lab experience (dissection of kidney, ureter, nephrectomy and ureter – ureter anastomosis in pigs)
  • Thesis
    • Different Modalities in Management of Hydrocele (MS General Surgery)

    Numerous papers presented at various conferences at international, national as well as zonal level

    ASCICON, New Delhi 2000

    • Aspiration sclerotherapy in management of hydrocele

    BUS, Bangalore 2001

    • Angiomyolipoma –Case Report

    USICON, Cochin 2004

    • Is routine ureteral stenting after ureteroscopy necessary: a randomized prospective study?

    WCE, Mumbai 2004

    • Delayed graft function in laparoscopic donor nephrectomy – is it true?
    • Pre transplant nephrectomy for ADPKD in the era of laparoscopy. -MPUH experience
    • Laparoscopic uretero ureterostomy – MPUH experience
    • Laparoscopic nephrectomy in ADPKD-MPUH experience

    USICON, Ahmedabad 2005

    • Pre transplant nephrectomy for ADPKD in the era of laparoscopy. - MPUH experience
    • Graft out come following lap/open donor nephrectomy - does it make a difference
    • A single institutional experience of endopyeloplasty and laparoscopic pyeloplasty in management of UPJO
    • Percutaneous endopyeloplasty for secondary UPJO

    WEST ZONE, Gwalior 2005

    • Laparoscopic repair of retrocaval ureter with renal stone
    • Retrograde intrarenal surgery –MPUH experience

    WCE, Cleveland, USA. 2006

    • Pediatric laparoscopic pyeloplasty – video
    • Minimally invasive surgery – boon to mankind MPUH experience with complex patients
    • First 100 cases of RIRS –MPUH experience
    • Simultaneous PCNL with retrograde flexible ureterorenoscopy in a case of recurrent stone disease – video
    • Stone recurrence – MPUH experience

    Pediatric Urology Conference, Goa 2006

    • Efficacy of extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) in children using Dornier compact delta as compared to adults. (poster)
    • Factors predicting outcome of posterior urethral valves. A long-term study.

    Israeli Urology Congress, Eilat 2009

    • Correlation of midstream urine with proximal urine culture in predicting urosepsis following endourological stone manipulation
    • Urinary calculi in Israel: epidemiologic distribution of stone composition

    World Congress of Endourology, Chicago, Illinois, USA 2010

    • The Diagnostic Impact of Leukocytosis and serum neutrophil level in Acute Renal Colic
    • The importance of mid stream urine culture before endourological procedure and the correlation with intraoperative bladder and upper tract cultures ? A prospective clinical study.
    • Stone burden can predict urinary stone composition - An initial observation
    • The Response of Histological Urothelial Variant Tumors to Intra-Vesical BCG Immunotherapy
    • Predicting the Risk of High-Grade Bladder Cancer Using Non-Invasive Data-Nomogram Establishment and External Validation.
    • Determination of Renal Stone Composition by Dual Energy CT: In Vivo Analysis and Comparison to X-Ray Diffraction.
    • Urinary calculi in Israel: epidemiologic distribution of stone composition.

    Israeli society of microbiologists congress, Ginosar 2010

    • Effect of various sustained drug releasing varnishes in prevention of biofilm on urinary catheter surfaces

    Israeli Urology Congress, Eilat 2010

    • Effect of various drug releasing varnishes on the development of bacterial biofilm on urinary catheter
  • Publication

    Visit my Publications

    • Pretransplant Nephrectomy In Adult Polycystic Kidney.BJUI, Volume 101, Number 1, January 2008 , Pp.94 -97
    • Testicular plasmacytoma in a previously treated multiple myeloma. Is testis a sanctuary site?
    • JCO Sep 20, 2010:e456-e458; published online on August 2, 2010;
    • Shapur N, Pode D, Katz R, Shapiro A, Yutkin V, Pizov G, Appelbaum L, Zorn K, C, Duvdevani M, Landau E, H,
    • Gofrit O, N, Predicting the Risk of High-Grade Bladder Cancer Using Noninvasive Data. Urol Int 2011;87:319-324
    • Shapur, N.K., Katz, R., Pode, D., Shapiro, A., Yutkin, V., Pizov, G., Appelbaum, L., Zorn, K.C., Duvdevani, M., Landau, E.H. and Gofrit, O.N., 2011. Is radical cystectomy mandatory in every patient with variant histology of bladder cancer. Rare tumors, 3(2).
    • X-ray diffraction and SEM study of kidney stones in Israel: quantitative analysis, crystallite size determination, and statistical characterization. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, December 2011, Volume 33, Issue 6, pp 613-622
    • Crystallite size--is it a new predictor for renal stone burden? Nandakishore K Shapur, Vladimir Uvarov, Inna Popov, Ran Katz, Ofer N Gofrit, Ezekiel H Landau, Dov Pode, Mordechai Duvdevani. Urology 2012 Nov 15;80(5):980-5. Epub 2012 Sep 15.
    • Sustained release varnish containing chlorhexidine for prevention of biofilm formation on urinary catheter surface: in vitro study. Nandakishore K Shapur, Mordechai Duvdevani, Michael Friedman, Batya Zaks, Irit Gati, Eran Lavy, Ran Katz, Ezekiel H Landau, Dov Pode, Ofer N Gofrit, Doron Steinberg J Endourol 2012 Jan;26(1):26-31. ( SECOND PRIZE - Essay of fellowship – submitted to Endourology society)
    • Evaluation of Urinary Catheters Coated with Sustained-Release Varnish of Chlorhexidine in Mitigating Biofilm Formation on Urinary Catheters in Dogs. G. Segev1,*, T. Bankirer1, D. Steinberg2,M. Duvdevani3, N.K. Shapur3, M. Friedman4 and E. Lavy1, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Volume 27, Issue 1, pages 39–46, January/February 2013
  • Conferences Attended
    • International Uro-laparoscopic workshop-2003, Civil hosp, Ahmedabad
    • International conference on Minimal Invasive surgery-03, Ahmedabad
    • USICON- 2004, Kochi
    • Androdays at Nadiad –Dr Rupin Shah 2004
    • Urospice sessions –Urooncology : Dr Makarnd Kochikar –2004
    • World Conference of Endourology- 2004, Mumbai.
    • Androdays at Nadiad –Dr Rupin Shah & Dr Rajiv Kumar 2005
    • USICON – 2005,Ahmedabad
    • Urospice sessions – Reconstructive urology :Dr Ganesh Gopalkrishnan 2005
    • Gujarat state conference of surgeons-06, Nadiad
    • World meet on Carcinoma prostate Dr Patric Walsh March-2006, Ahmedabad
    • First SIU workshop-06 & conference on neurourology, Mumbai.
    • WZ - USICON –2006, Gwalior
    • Urospice sessions – Lap. Urology : Dr N P Gupta 2006
    • Androdays at Nadiad –Dr Rupin Shah 2006 May-06
    • World Conference of Endourology-2006 ,Cleveland, Ohio, USA
    • USICON-2007, Patna
    • Israeli Urology Congress, Eilat 2009
    • World Congress of Endourology, Chicago, Illinois, USA 2010
    • Israeli society of microbiologists congress, Ginosar 2010
    • Israeli Urology Congress, Eilat 2010


    • 25th Annual Szusicon, Kochi, India 2014
    • 26th Annual Szusicon, Vishakapattanam, India 2015
    • 19th Annual Conference Of Karnataka Urological Association Bangalore, India 2014
    • 14th Dr Ts Jairam Memorial Continuing Urological Education, Bangalore, India 2011
    • 14th Dr Ts Jairam Memorial Continuing Urological Education, Bangalore, India 2012
    • Dr Ts Jairam Memorial Continuing Urological Education, Bangalore, India 2014
    • Urology Update, Bangalore Urology Society Bangalore, India 2014
    • Global Prostate Disease Foundation, Bangalore, India 2014
    • 1st Biennial Conference Of South Asian Society For Sexual Medicine Bangalore, India 2013
    • 2nd Biennial Conference Of South Asian Society For Sexual Medicine Dhaka, Bangladesh 2015
    • 6th Annual Conference Of Global Association Of Physicians Of Indian Origin, Bangalore, India 2016
  • Workshops Attended & Assisted
    • World congress of endourology -2004 workshop, MPUH, NADIAD. Assisted LASER TURP to Dr Graham Watson
    • 1st SIU workshop Lower urinary tract surgery – Mumbai Jan-2006
    • International workshop on urooncology- Ahmedabad
    • Prostate Cancer- Dr Patric Walsh & Dr V Patel, 2006 Ahmedabad
    • GUSCON -2006 Workshop, MPUH, Nadiad
    • Minimal invasive urological surgery international workshop2003 Ahmedabad
    • Minimal invasive surgery-international conf-Ahmedabad
    • PostWCE-2006 Fellowship programme& operative workshop, Glickman urology Institute ,Cleveland clinic foundation,Clevland, OHIO,USA
    • Teleconference from Cleveland, USA- World prostate summit, Nadiad
    • Teleconference from Cleveland, USA- World kidney summit, Nadiad
    • Indo German conference-workshop-Nadiad-Hamburg—2006
    • Urethroplasty workshop, at Endosurgery clinic, Pune under Dr Sanjay kulkarni -2011
    • USICON, at Bangalore – 2012
    • Workshop on Open urological cases – at Patna medical college with Dr Pankaj Mishra, Patna - 2012
    • Urethral reconstruction workshop, USICON – South zone, Thiruchinapalli, Tamilnadu, India - 2012
    • SIU Urethra conference with workshop, Pune, India with Dr Barbagli and Dr Sanjay kulkarni – 2013

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